Several configuration options are available to your organization to leverage the scalability and on demand nature of Nubifer’s cloud portal.

Nubifer Cloud : Portal is a powerful suite of core portal technologies, interfaces, database schematics and service oriented

architecture libraries.

Clients that require custom on-premise and cloud hosted portals may require different application layers, and data layer configurations: Nubifer

supports the following technologies.

  • We leverage RAD development techniques to create robust, scalable programming code in ASP.NET (C#), ASP, PHP, Java Servlets,JSP, ColdFusion and Perl.
  • We support a myriad of data formats and database platform types, cloud SOA and architectures.
    • SQL Server (and Express)
    • Microsoft Access
    • MYSQL
    • Oracle
    • *Others

Enterprise Grade Solutions

Nubifer’s professional services team customize and enhance one or more combinations to create your new Cloud Portal.

Additionally, modules listed below not in the core portal selection are compatible and able to be added as “plug-in” modules to extend your

portal system:

  • Cloud Portal (Choose from the following Options in Portal types: )
    • Online Store
    • Task Management System
    • Employee Directory
    • Bug / Task Tracker
    • Forum / Message Board
    • Wizard Driven Registration Forms
    • Time Sheet Manager
    • Blog / RSS Engine Manager
    • Calendar Management System
    • Events Management
    • Custom Modules to Match your business needs

Compatable with the following Cloud Platforms and APIs:

(also runs on standard hosting platforms)


  • Google Apis for Google Applications 
  • Windows Azure
  • Amazon
  • *Others

Portal Management Features

Multi-Level Admin User Account Management Public Links and Articles Manager
“My Account” User Management Advanced Security
More Great Features
Calendar and Events Web Service XML APIs for 3rd party integration
  • SOA architecture
  • Web Service Enabled
  • Interoperable with the Top Cloud Computing Platforms by exposing and Consuming XML APIs
Dynamic Styles Submission Forms, Email and Database Submission


Flex and Flash Reports

Nubifer Cloud : Portal Source Code

Companies leveraging our professional portal services are delivered a “version release” code base for their independent endeavors, and have

access, ownership and full rights to the “code instance” delivered as the final release version of their customized cloud portal.

  • Generally this type of licensing gives companies the competitive edge to be the sole proprietor of their ‘licensed’ copy ofthe cloud portal.

Companies using our portal code base

Enterprise companies leverage the Rapid and Rich Application offering delivered by our portal code models and methodologies.

  • Companies enjoy the value of rapid prototyping, and application enhancement with faster to market functionality in theirportals.



Technology designed to facilitate and support your business model now, and as it evolves

Contact Nubifer today to schedule a call with our Enterprise Consultants and Engineers so we can help

you understand our approach and offering in the ‘cloud’.


Our Process for Portal Development

Define and Design the Architecture, Develop and Enhance the Portal Code, Deliver and Deploy to your public or private environment.

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technology development goals.

* Intellectual Property Rights Notification:

Nubifer is a technology company that builds, enhances and deploys technology agnostic cloud computing software code. Any and all intellectual

property, source code, architecture, know-how and materials created and developed by Nubifer remain the property of Nubifer. Any licensure, or

assignment of source ownership is specific to revisions of code output: AKA, specific ‘source code build’ separates our intellectual property rights

from the ‘copy’ you receive with ‘full rights’ to the final release copy source.This type of offering gives your company the most security in

understanding what you have, leveraging growth of the ‘cloud portal’ by Nubifer consultants or your own development teams. To learn more about how we

structure flexible licensure offerings which enable your company to have the best possible positioning for your Nubifer Cloud Portal, contact Nubifer

today at (800) 293-4496 or by email via